ODT – LIAB used to inspire future Women in Science.

Inspired by women in science
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By Carla Green on Fri, 12 Feb 2016
Otago Girls’ High School year 11 pupils Lucy Pollock (15, left) and Sabrina Swerdloff (14) admire the butterflies in the Butterfly House during an open day for girls at the Otago Museum yesterday.
The event was held to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Sabrina said it was “super inspiring … [to be] in a place where you get to see lots of strong women who participate in science”.

“It makes me realise that working in science when I’m older is just as accessible for me as it is for any man.”

Both girls said they liked and were interested in science.

Lucy especially liked chemistry and physics, while Sabrina liked biology best.

Twelve pupils attended the event and were given a tour of the museum’s Discovery World, tried out its “Lab-in-a-Box” and heard a panel of female museum staff speak about their work.


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