East Otago High School ponder the kidney and brain.

On the 11 May Lab-in-a-Box was all about “Why do you pee?”
LIAB hosted a Kidney Lab at East Otago High School. Dr. Andrew Bahn from University of Otago Physiology Department lead a session for Y9-Y12 students on the importance of the kidney in human physiology. Students were able to compare different urine samples and measure blood and glucose presence and Ph levels and specific gravity, comparing results and giving a diagnosis on the possible cause of the presence of glucose on urine and the consequence of an unhealthy diet.
PS The urine samples were fake / artificial samples

ON the 12 May Lab-in-a-Box was a “Fairground Attraction”.
The human brain is a very complex organ. Professor Ruth Empson from University of Otago Physiology Department lead a session on cerebellar (brain) adaptation. East Otago High School Y10-Y12 students performed a cerebellar task where we disrupted the visual field with a pair of prism goggles. We got them to throw balls in a bucket, before and after wearing the prism goggles, then compared the results and experience at first hand – the wonders of the brain and its capacity for adaptation.

A big thank you goes to Otago School of Medical Science for this great cross collaboration with Otago Museum Science Engagement Outreach Programme. Check out the pictures of the students in action.

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