LIAB gets “spacey” at Totara School and Kakanui School.

LIAB was turned into a Science Hub for Space Exploration at Totara School.

Before humans blasted off from the Earth, mammals like monkeys and apes were some of the first space explorers. Our Otago Museum Science Communicator Carolle Varuguese (Astronomer) talked about Albert I, Miss Able and Miss Baker, Sam and Ham and their “out of this world” missions.

Strange New Planet
Students went on a mission to a recently discovered new planet. The explored this new world in the same way that NASA explores the solar system (using ground base telescopes and the Hubble Space telescope), and going on a Fly By mission like the Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft.

Students also had the opportunity to explore our solar system using the Oculus Rift, and learned about our planets. On our way to Pluto we talked about extreme temperatures, and used liquid nitrogen for some very cool science demonstrations.

Energy and Forces
3, 2, 1, Launch!
Energy is always transforming, so how do we use it? For every action there is a reaction, and this has consequences. Totara School Y3-Y8 students built and launched their own water rockets, using pressure as the propulsion mechanism. The winning design, The Banana, lifted about 20 metres from the ground.

Stargazing Night
On Thursday 19 May Totara School hosted a Stargazing Night for the community. We had a brief introduction to astronomy, science demonstrations, learned about constellations in our Star Lab, and finally used the Lab in a Box telescope to get a closer look to the Moon and Saturn.

Check out the action below.

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