Our Healthy People – Healthy Planet Festival in Invercargill

Sophie Adams – Otago Museum Science Communicator

Thanks to the support from Lotteries Community Grant, this week the Lab in a Box made its way down south to Invercargill. Staff from the science team at Otago Museum and from the Physiology department at Otago University were there to present Healthy People Healthy Planet Festival, . We had a great time with students from years 4 to 6 at the South Alive community centre, and also held a public open day as well.

Kids and their caregivers were able to take part in hands-on activities where we investigated the causes and effects of climate change, looking at how increased greenhouse gases are causing ocean acidification, how sea ice melting in Antarctica will impact Dunedin and the rest of New Zealand, and explored what it’s like to be a researcher in Antarctica with the help of virtual reality.

We also learned a lot about our bodies, such as the function of our kidneys, how liquids with different levels of acidity affect our body, what neurons do in our brains, and even got to take a close-up look at how our hearts function through dissections!

With visits from six different schools and a great turnout on our open day we got to work with many clever and inquisitive kids, who have some wonderful ideas on what we can do to look after our bodies and our planet!

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