LIAB at Mosgiel “Party in the Park”.

Dr Claire Concannon

The Healthy People Healthy Planet project is still taking advantage of the wonderful Lab in a Box to tour community events. Last weekend this project went to Mosgiel Party in the Park where Toni, Andrew, Claire and Sophie met with kids and their families to talk about how our brains, hearts and kidneys work and what is going on in Antarctica as a result of climate change. The virtual reality tour of Antartica’s ice sheet, Adele penguin colony and Scott’s base was a big hit! The brain tricking puzzles such as the sight shifting goggles and colour matching games really got people thinking too. Claire and Sophie got on mainstage in the afternoon to do the ‘Far from Frozen show’, with Claire donning the Antartica New Zealand jacket to freeze some marshmallows using liquid nitrogen! A big thanks to Community Lotteries fund, which is supporting this project and allowing us to get out there and discuss with people how best to take care of our bodies and our planet.

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