It opens! (and closes).

The workSpace team have been working hard and the conversion of the container is progressing. As well as strengthening and opening up the side, they have fitted the winch that means the door now opens, and closes! And don’t the team look pleased! Thanks to the build and design teams for getting us this far.

Look what’s here!

The Lab in a Box journey has started. This lovely blue container has just been delivered to the workSpace at Otago Polytechnic. The design and construction teams there can now get started. To see the design concepts visit the “About” page on this website. Thanks to the team at:

Concept drawings arrive

On Friday we received the first concept drawing from Otago polytechnic. The container will be adapted to have a pull out side, hard roof, walls and floor and french doors opening out to the fresh air. Can’t wait to see it in real life! More drawings and designs are available for viewing here.