Our Healthy People – Healthy Planet Festival in Invercargill

Sophie Adams – Otago Museum Science Communicator Thanks to the support from Lotteries Community Grant, this week the Lab in a Box made its way down south to Invercargill. Staff from the science team at Otago Museum and from the Physiology department at Otago University were there to present Healthy People Healthy Planet Festival, . … More Our Healthy People – Healthy Planet Festival in Invercargill

LIAB rolls into Clyde.

Clyde School Our last stop was Clyde School, the Otago Museum Science Team delivered space exploration sessions for Y3-Y8 students and a variety of hands on science demonstrations for the very young learners Y0-Y2. On 24 August we had our evening community event with Star Lab, our portable planetarium, learning about stars and constellations, follow … More LIAB rolls into Clyde.

LIAB at Waitahuna School.

On 5 July Lab in a Box visited Waitahuna School for a full day of science explorations, learning about light and shadows, chemicals reactions, and energy and forces with Y1 to Y5 students. We had a fantastic day with hands on activities for all. Check out the pictures of the fun.

LIAB in Alexandra.

After Cromwell, Lab in a Box stop by Alexandra. Students made full use of their senses during our science explorations, our objects of studies varied from water and oil, or marshmallows to balloons, and we learned about the importance of having a control object for reference during our experiments and making predictions and comparing results. … More LIAB in Alexandra.

LIAB gets sporty at the Highland Motorsport Park.

From 14-16 June Lab in a Box was hosted by Highland Motorsport Park in Cromwell. Y3-Y6 students from Goldfields School learned about energy and forces and put those science skills into action, making predictions and comparing results with other teams. We learned about Newton’s Third Law of Motion using water rockets “When one body exerts … More LIAB gets sporty at the Highland Motorsport Park.