LIAB in Alexandra.

After Cromwell, Lab in a Box stop by Alexandra. Students made full use of their senses during our science explorations, our objects of studies varied from water and oil, or marshmallows to balloons, and we learned about the importance of having a control object for reference during our experiments and making predictions and comparing results. … More LIAB in Alexandra.

LIAB gets sporty at the Highland Motorsport Park.

From 14-16 June Lab in a Box was hosted by Highland Motorsport Park in Cromwell. Y3-Y6 students from Goldfields School learned about energy and forces and put those science skills into action, making predictions and comparing results with other teams. We learned about Newton’s Third Law of Motion using water rockets “When one body exerts … More LIAB gets sporty at the Highland Motorsport Park.

LIAB gets “spacey” at Totara School and Kakanui School.

LIAB was turned into a Science Hub for Space Exploration at Totara School. Monkeynauts Before humans blasted off from the Earth, mammals like monkeys and apes were some of the first space explorers. Our Otago Museum Science Communicator Carolle Varuguese (Astronomer) talked about Albert I, Miss Able and Miss Baker, Sam and Ham and their … More LIAB gets “spacey” at Totara School and Kakanui School.

East Otago High School ponder the kidney and brain.

On the 11 May Lab-in-a-Box was all about “Why do you pee?” LIAB hosted a Kidney Lab at East Otago High School. Dr. Andrew Bahn from University of Otago Physiology Department lead a session for Y9-Y12 students on the importance of the kidney in human physiology. Students were able to compare different urine samples and … More East Otago High School ponder the kidney and brain.

Maheno School gets all lit-up with LIAB.

On May 4th Lab in a Box visited Maheno School and delivered sessions on the Science of Light to Y1-Y8 students. Otago Museum Science Communicators prepared some demonstrations talking about visible light, reflection and refraction, lenses and concave and convex shapes, colored shadows, and Ultra Violet Light, and finally creating light with a chemical reaction … More Maheno School gets all lit-up with LIAB.

The Governor-General visits Lab-in-a-Box

On Tuesday the 10th of May the Governor-General, Sir Jerry Mateparae, came to Dunedin as the last stop on a six-city tour of New Zealand universities. He learned of the “exciting and awesome” collaboration around science between the University of Otago and Otago Museum. The Governor-General was shown around Lab-in-a-Box, and shared his enthusiasm with Year 2 Te Kura … More The Governor-General visits Lab-in-a-Box

LIAB in Oamaru.

Lab-in-a-Box had a great time in Oamaru over Easter, with large groups interested in what the lab had to offer. The day was finished with a bang with an explosion on the beach. Check out the pictures from the day and also a brief “explosive” video below.